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Our Programs

The success of our arts non-profit is a direct result of our programs, which have been thoughtfully developed to meet the evolving needs and desires of the creative community. These programs create a vibrant cultural hub that inspires and engages the community. We invite you to connect with us to develop your own creative program and join us in nurturing the arts.

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You can drop off food for the SD Food Bank at any of our events! Thank you for helping your neighbors!

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All ages music program created for local music production events & festivals

  • Alley Art Festival

  • 2nd Annual Chicano Art Festival

  • Artists on the Asphalt (Various,        Fright Night on Main)

  • San Diego Food Bank Drive at every event

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10 Year Anniversary!

Saturday, July 27 @ 4-9pm

This inclusive event will be a vibrant celebration of art, music, and community, featuring a variety of activities and attractions for all ages.

The Alley Art Festival has become a beloved tradition in Vista, showcasing the incredible talent and creativity of established and emerging artists. Artists - SIGN UP TODAY! Space is limited!

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An alternative to the saccharine sweet holiday faire. This procession celebrates various cultural winter folklore and customs. For many, this custom has deep roots in family linage and harkens back to their ancestry!

Learn more about the folklore and cultural influences revolving around The Wild Hunt here.

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Group Art Exhibitions

We periodically invite artists to showcase their work or organize group art events in our dedicated creative space. This initiative fosters collaboration and provides artists with a platform to exhibit their talents and connect with the community.


Stay informed about our next art show and opportunities to participate by signing up for our newsletter or following us on social media. 

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Studio Space

Our community art space program where groups or individuals can use our versatile space on a donation basis. We know that cost is a barrier when it comes to gathering the community! Whether you need a place for band rehearsal, classes, demos, D&D sessions, workshops, study groups, meetings, talks, improv, storytelling, studio time, or other creative activities, Studio Space is here for you. If you have another idea or want to learn more, please email us!

Holes? Stains? Worn out? Lost buttons?

Bring your favorite item(s) of clothing in need of a repair or for a zhuzhing - let's rescue it together from a landfill!

Interested? Email and follow on Instagram to know when the next one happens!

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Only Losers Litter

Our dedicated litter clean-up program that began in 2015. We organize trash walks and have proudly adopted an on-ramp to keep our community clean and beautiful.


Join us in making a difference by participating in an event. To learn more or inquire about hosting your own trash walk, please email us. Together, we can keep our environment litter-free!

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Art Supply Drive

By donating your unused or abandoned art supplies to our non-profit, you help us breathe new life into these materials and support local artists in need. Your generous contributions not only reduce waste but also help us raise funds to create community-based art spaces where creativity can flourish.

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Live Street Art

A platform that allows street artists to showcase their talents by painting live during our events. This vibrant initiative brings art to life, transforming public spaces into dynamic canvases and engaging the community in the creative process.


Your donations play a crucial role in providing these artists with the necessary art supplies, ensuring they have the resources they need to create their masterpieces. 

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