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COVID-19 UPDATE: Thank you for your continued compassion for our community. We hope to resume monthly trashwalks as soon as we can ensure the saftey of all volunteers. Stay Safe, Stay Strong.


Next time you see someone throwing trash on the ground, make them accountable. Be the change you wish to see in the world and pick up that strangers trash. Voice your disgust toward litter everywhere you go. Your intolerance will be contagious. Connect with your community through a mutual disdain for the improper disposal of refuse. Reclaim your community from the ‘tragedy of the commons’ and unite in an unequivocal hate against the indefensible violation of littering.

Real change starts with small victories. Let the world know that you do not tolerate littering. If you see someone litter, call them out. Litter is a communal embarrassment and it’s our duty to shame those who refuse to reform their littering ways.  Share the message with shirts, signs, stickers, or posters. Make a difference by joining a litter trash walk in Vista by signing up here, or organize a trash walk of you own.

“Let’s do a better job of loving where we live and passing the message along to those who need to hear it most, because ONLY LOSERS LITTER.”

Sarah Spinks,
Founder of Backfence Society.

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