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Backfence Board 

Natalie Vega

Natalie Vega


Natalie is a single mom of two with an extensive administrative background and passion for Music and Art.

Alexis Panchevre

Alexis Panchevre

Secretary | Director, Only Loser Litter

Alexis is a lifelong resident of Vista and Director of Only Losers Litter, a monthly trash clean up campaign under Backfence Society.

Sarah Spinks

Sarah Spinks

Treasurer / Executive Director

Original founder of the Backfence, Sarah has been organizing art activity in Vista since 2011.

Mission Statement

The Backfence Society is a 501(c)3 non profit dedicated to positive community engagement through art.




The Backfence Society, Inc., established in 2011, started as an autonomous group of north county San Diego artists working collaboratively to produce interactive art events. The Backfence Society aims to provide an affordable and accessible platform for established and emerging artists. The Backfence Society established itself with intentions to foster relationships that mutually benefit the community and the artists living within.

When an artist comes into the Backfence space they can use it as a platform to exhibit what they choose through self-curating. Backfence is a safe space for any and all people who wish to express themselves through creativity and as an organization we support, foster, encourage and defend this use of our physical space. We hope you are making exactly what you want to make, telling the stories you want to tell and expressing what you want to express. We believe that everyone has a right to this type of happiness. Thank you to everyone who has supported our space over the years in ways both big and small, we sincerely appreciate the support you give in keeping our space alive and thriving, connecting all levels of artists with a platform to express themselves as they wish.


The industrious nature of creativity leads to positive change in our community and the Backfence Society advocates lifting one another up by embracing the connection we experience through art and its different forms.


The Backfence Society is a non-profit 501(c)(3) serving artists and fostering leadership in the arts and its connection with audiences in an equitable manner.

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“Make Vista Weird for heaven's sake. Community engaged art at its best."

Zuzka Sabata

"Backfence Society is a North County treasure. What a wonderful resource and venue for lovers of art and culture in North County San Diego!"

"This place is amazing and awesome. Run by great people in an awesome space."

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